Custom Fabrication and Assembly
Done in a Precision and Quality Manner

Conveyors and Plastics, Inc. is able to custom fabricate and assemble various metals and plastic products to your specifications. As a leader in precision metal and sheet metal fabrication, we offer custom and production work to diverse industries.

HELP WANTED: Conveyors and Plastics, Inc. is seeking honest workers with high school diploma and valid driver’s license. Must be able to pass a drug test. Job requires long hours and weekends - plenty of opportunity for overtime pay and financial growth. Pay will be based on knowledge and experience. Positions available include: Welder, Machinist, and General Laborer/Delivery Driver. If interested in these opportunities, please complete and mail back an employment application.

Conveyors and Plastics can perform all types of custom fabrication.

We can work with your existing project layout or offer our engineering services to create an efficient design to meet all of your requirements. With our combined 80 plus years of experience in precision sheet metal work and conveying all types of products, C&P can achieve customized fabrication with our state of the art equipment, as well as, enabling us to quote your project competitively and with higher quality standards.


Designing and fabricating conveyors for all applications was what founded the company-from poultry plants to asphalt plants and many others..


The Trumpf TruLaser 1030 Fiber with upgraded TruDisk 3000 Watt Resonator has the advantage of accurately cutting various materials: Steel, stainless, aluminum, as well as, copper, brass, and bronze, titanium and more.

CNC Brake

The Trumpf TruBend 5130 has 140 Tons of press force.
We have a vast configuration of dies to meet your forming needs.

Metal Fabrication

Custom fabricating conveyors is how we began but we are able to fabricate a wide variety according to your customized applications.

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